Special Tools for Industry

Advanced technology is key to delivering specialized tooling to the aerospace
market. With the increased use of composites and other exotic alloys these
specialized tools must perform to rigid standard. Midstates understands these
demands and provides our customers the specialized tools that meet these
stringent production requirements. Through the use of state-of-the-art machine
and metrology technologies, MCT ensures that every tool shipped meets or
exceeds the customer specifications.

Dependability is the key word when working with the automotive industry.
Companies require tools that not only last for the long production runs found in
that industry - they need tools they can depend on to produce the same result
tool after tool. MCT supplies both tool technology and engineering support to
maintain the competitive edge in the worldwide market. In addition, just in time
delivery scheduling is key to reducing costs and inventory requirements. It is
here that MCT's commitment to continuously upgrading their facilities sets us
apart from our competition.

Midstates Cutting Tools manufacture multi-diameter tooling for the machining
of hydraulic manifolds, motors, pumps and cylinders. Our tools will be
designed with the proper geometry and edge preparation for your specific
produce multi-step holes with excellent finish and size control. Coolant fed
port drilling tools with threading capabilities can be made to your exact
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